Crafting clean code in creative ways, and tying
it all together with a beautiful architecture.

This is what I strive for when I start a project.  I enjoy coming up with inventive solutions to difficult problems, and seeing my ideas come to life.  I currently work as a full stack application developer for Nationwide Children’s Hospital located in Columbus, OH.  Specifically I work in the Research Data and Computing group.  In my free time I love to illustrate.

When he worked, he really worked.

Internal – Site Redevelopment

Internal Applications

Cardinal – Web/Mobile Site

Web/Mobile Site

McGraw – Rise

Web Application

McGraw – Flex Literacy

Educational Applcation

But when he played, he really PLAYED.

The Thinker

Personal Illustration

Walk Cycle

A Simple Walk Cycle

The Camel

Personal Illustration


Personal Illustration