Noah Jablonski


I am a full stack application developer. I value hard work, difficult problems, and above all else, creating high quality products that make a difference.

I love working on a product from start to finish. While some developers believe you should pick a speciality and stick with it, I believe I was made to wear many hats and make them all look good. It's this belief that has driven me to become an okay designer, a decent illustrator, and a professional developer.

I am also a husband and father, a connoisseur of movies (Never Ending Story, Willow, LOTR), and an advocate for the snack Combos. I currently work as a full stack application developer for Nationwide Children’s Hospital as a part of the research division. But talk is cheap, so please take a look at my work below to see what I can do.


Below is a collection of work spanning a number of years. I believe this work demonstrates the wide range of things I've created and the versatility of what I have to offer.

I have worked on everything from educational tools and games to research applications and site redesigns, and have learned something on every project. While I started out in the world of creating interactive applications utilizing Flash and Flex, over the last couple of years I have expanded into the modern web/mobile landscape and love everything it has to offer.

I firmly believe you should choose the right tool for the job, even when it means you must be constantly learning and adapting your knowledge and approaches. My current day-to-day technology stack consists of MySQL, Node JS, Backbone, EJS/Handlebars/Knockout, RequireJS/Gulp, Javascript/Jquery, and Material Design/Bootstrap/SASS/LESS. I'm currently learning about and getting up to speed with Angular, Polymer and ReactJS.

Mega Bike

Two desktop application games for a windows tablet that were powered by a child's bike. The intention of these games was to encourage children with Muscular Dystrophy to work out their muscles.


An interactive application geared at children with the purpose of improving the consent/assent process pertaining to potential research subjects.

Seizure Detection

An analytical web application utilizing biometric and accelerometer data from two smart watches in the detection of a seizure.

Drug Repurposing

A web application that would enable users to search for other ways in which a drug could potentially be used.

Analytics Dashboard

An interactive dashboard for displaying data associated with pediatric colorectal surgeries.

Grange Site Redesign

A redevelopment of the entire front-end of 6 internal .NET applications for Grange Insurance.